There are several scientific schools, headed by leading specialists of the Department of Computer-Aided Management and Data Processing Systems (ASOIU).

Development of exact algorithms for intractable combinatorial problems

Scientific school “Development of exact algorithms for intractable combinatorial problems” is led by combinatorial optimization laboratory staff (scientific director is Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences Pavlov Oleksandr). As part of this school, the scientific school “Combinatorial optimization of intelligent information technology design” was founded at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” in 1969.

This scientific school published a monograph titled “Decision making in network systems with limited resources” 

Simulation modeling of complex systems and adaptive systems of distance learning

Scientific school “Simulation modeling of complex systems and adaptive systems of distance learning” is headed by Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine on Science and Technology Tomashevsky V.M. Simulation models of computing systems, data transfer and processing systems, medical departments management, industrial and organizational management systems were developed.

The obtained scientific results meet international standards and were reported at the 15th European Simulation Multi-conference ESM’2001 in Prague in 2001 – Automatic generating of GPSS/PC programs for queuing network and the 9th International Multi-Conference Advanced Computer Systems, 2002, Miedzyzdroje, Poland – The generator of simulation models for distributed virtual transportation networks of delivery. Simulation programs generator built into the interactive system of simulation modeling ISS 2000 was developed for the first time. ISS 2000 system is designed for modeling of queuing and transport networks, has copyright certificate and was demonstrated at the CeBIT-2006 exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

A scientific school for visual modeling of road traffic and macroeconomic indicators forecasting using simulation modeling was also created.

Models and methods of multiprocessor information technologies in dynamic complex systems

Associate professor of CAMDPS department Finogenov Oleksiy

Linguistic modeling for intelligent software systems development

Associate Professor of CAMDPS department Baklan Igor.

Development and implementation of intellectual data analysis methods based on distributed information systems and technologies NVIDIA CUDA

Doctor of  Engineering Sciences, Professor Tomashevskyy Valentyn, Senior Lecturer Oliinyk Yuri

Non-stationary interaction of hard bodies with a cavity in compressible fluids.

Associate Professor of Department ASOIU Gavrilenko Olena.

The school works on general approach development to the solution of the problems of solid bodies impact interaction with a surface of cavity which belong to unfixed mixed (unmixed) boundary problems of mechanics for compressible fluid with movable beforehand unknown variable boundary that changes with time. The new classes of practically important problems of penetration of solid bodies into fluid through the surface of cavity were solved on the base of this numerical and analytical approach. While solving this problems we found hydro-mechanical and kinematical characteristics of the process dependently on different weight of a body, the initial speed of body’s movement, the gap between a cavity and a body. We investigated the influence of various boundary conditions on free part of surface of cavity on the process of penetration.

Keywords: compressible fluid, solid body, cavity radius, solid body radius, gap between a cavity and a body, contact area, free part of cavity surface, hydro-mechanical and kinematical characteristics.