News MASTIS project from October to December 2018

Advisory monitoring of the MASTIS project. Meeting with Vice-Rector of a Igor Sikorsky KPI 

22/10/2018 The National Erasmus + Office (NEO) in Ukraine conducted the Monitoring of the MASTIS Project in accordance with the monitoring plan agreed between the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, National Erasmus + Office in Ukraine and the Erasmus + СВНЕ Project Implementers. Advisory monitoring is focused on the study of partnership work, planning and implementation of planned activities, priorities, methodology, performance of tasks and achievement of project results. Monitoring draw the special attention to understanding the long-term impact and sustainability of the project by the partnership from the beginning of the project implementation.

The monitoring took place at NTUU Igor Sikorsky KPI. The monitoring procedure provided for a meeting with the university leadership. Yurii Yakymenko , the First Vice-rector of Igor Sikorsky KPI Yurii Yakymenko, Angela Pyatova, Deputy Director of the International Projects Department  and representatives of the NEO in Ukraine are on a protocol meeting with the FIOT Managers and Project Coordinators Jean-Hugues.Chauchat (France) and Iryna Zolotariova (Ukraine)

NEO expert and coordinators of the MASTIS project in the negotiation hall of the Igor Sikorsky KPI 

22/10/2018. After the exchange of views on the MASTIS project implementation at the Igor Sikorsky KPI held the  traditional photo shoot in the negotiating room. Project coordinators and NEO expert Zhanna Talanova are on the background of the National flag and flag of KPI

Introductory report of the project coordinators during the advisory monitoring

22.10.2018. Project coordinators reported about goals, objectives, and measures to achieve the goals during the three years of project implementation. They presented the overall results of the project, which are successfully implemented in the partner university. The NEO experts submitted documents confirming the quality and consistency of the project results.

Report of the MASTIS project coordinator at Igor Sikorsky KPI t on the advisory monitoring in Kiev

22.10.2018. Kovaliuk Tetiana, coordinator of MASTIS project at Igor Sikorsky KPI made a presentation “The state of implementation of the MASTIS project at Igor Sikorsky KPI and the implementation of the project results into the educational process”

T. Kovaliuk showed the stages of the project, achievements results at each stages and the documents which are confirmed this results. The answers to the questions that NEO suggested to consider in the report were given

Discussion on the results of the report about MASTIS project implementation at Igor Sikorsky KPI 

22.10.2018. Zhanna Talanova, NEO expert and Irina Zolotaryova, project coordinator from Ukraine, commented on the results of the project implementation at the Igor Sikorsky KPI, demonstrated in the presentation by Kovalyuk T. Approved actions on creation of the information systems laboratory., analysis of the stakeholders requirements for masters in information systems, interaction with IT companies, development of training materials on the course “IS Development and Deployment”, developed by KPI.

Discussion on the results of the report about MASTIS project implementation at Igor Sikorsky KPI 

22.10.2018. Project Coordinator Jean-Hugues.Chauchat (France) commented on the report submitted to Kovaliuk T. about the status of the project implementation at the KPI. Critical comments were given about the curriculum at the university, and it was recommended to expand collaboration with IT companies to improve the curriculum. The expert of the National Erasmus + Office in Ukraine, Zhanna Talanova, quotes normative documents on the development of higher education in Ukraine in the context of the European dimension.

The photo shows project coordinator Jean-Yuga Shosha, representatives of partner universities of Ukraine, NEO expert Zhanna Talanova and speaker Kovaliuk Tetiana.

Advisory monitoring in the reports of universities-partner of the MASTIS project

22.10.2018. The advisory monitoring team gathered representatives of the Ukrainian partner universities of the project. All teams submitted reports on the implementation of the MASTIS and piloting courses.

The photos show the representatives of teams from Lviv Polytechnic, Vinnytsia National Technical University, Kherson State University, Kharkiv National Technical University KHPI, which present their reports.

Сonsulting project coordinator during dvisory monitoring

22.10.2018. Monitoring Participants use short-term rest between discussion to communicate with project coordinators to discuss higher education development and experience exchange.

Project Coordinator Jean-Hugues.Chauchat (France) and member of the Igor Sikorsky KPI them. Tamara Tielysheva – specialists in the field of statistic  information processing discuss about using those in science and education.

Meeting of project teams at Kharkiv National University of Economics 

23.10.2018. Kharkiv National University of Economics held a meeting of the MASTIS project teams. Participants of the meeting took part in trainings, excursions at the university laboratories, equipped with Erasmus + programs, meetings of the examination committee for the defence of master’s degrees.

In the photo the members of the KPI team T. Kovalyuk and M. Sperchach get acquainted with the laboratory of the university

Information Day of the EU Erasmus Program + 

5.11.2018 Information Day of the EU Erasmus Program + for  Higher Education Institutions and other organizations on cooperation projects (Kyiv). The coordinator of the MASTIS project in Igor Sikorsky KPI participates in the information day organized by the National Erasmus office in Kyiv. recognition of the quality criteria of the project results, clarified to the experts the issue of extending the duration of the project MACTIS

Piloting the course ” Enterprise Architecture Management”

October 2018. Students of ASOIU Department of Igor Sikorsky KPI master study level specialty 126 “Information Systems and Technologies” studying the course “Enterprise Architecture Management “. In this course, students will learn about the definitions, advantages and disadvantages of Enterprise Architecture, the roles and responsibilities of the Enterprise Architect, study the principles, structure, methodology of development, the language of describing the Enterprise Architecture, know how to develop, build and maintain an Enterprise Architecture, familiarize himself with managing an Enterprise Architecture. In the photo: associate professor Kovaliuk T.V. and students of the group IC81MP in the laboratory of information systems listen to lectures on methodology and languages for describing the Enterprise Architecture

Piloting the course  “Enterprise Architecture Management” 

October, 2018. The content of the course “Enterprise Architecture Management” provides the definition of competencies of IT professionals in the field of architects, in particular software architects, IS architects, solution architects and enterprise architects. Student Osipenko O., an master study  level, speaks on “Architectural IT professions in the world and in Ukraine”. The report of the student identified the mission of professions, the main tasks of the company, the companies having vacancies of architects and the role of enterprise architects  in their strategic development.

Piloting the course  “Enterprise Architecture Management”

November, 2018. The syllabus of course “Enterprise Architecture Management” involves learning the ArchiMate language by using the Archi 3.3.2 software. Training of students are held in the laboratory of information systems, equipped with equipment purchased at the cost of the European Union within the framework of the Erasmus + program.

Students of the master’s study level Anishchenko K. and Skoryk V. develop a description of the technological level of the Enterprise Architecture in accordance with the business case are shown in the photo.

Piloting the course  “Enterprise Architecture Management”

December 2018. Associate professor Kovaliuk T.V., who reads the course “Enterprise Architecture Management”, uses various methods for activating students’ motivation. One of these methods used in the educational process is the hackathon. Students are distributed by teams. The instructor offers a theme for developing issues related to enterprise architecture. There is a competition between teams of students for a better decision on the enterprise architecture.

The moment of debate between teams is on the photo. As a jury – associate professors Kovaliuk T. and  Telisheva T.