International Workshop on the MASTIS project “Establishing Modern Master-Level Studies in Information Systems” at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

On March 12-13, 2019an international seminar on piloting disciplines of the curriculum of masters training on specialty 126 “Information systems and technologies” was held in theIgor SikorskyKPI.

The international workshop was held under the project 561592-EPP-1-2015-1-FR-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP “MASTIS – EstablishingModern Master-level Studies in Information Systems” under the programof European Union Erasmus+ classification KA2 “Development of Higher Education Capacity”.

Participants of the international seminar are representatives of the European and Ukrainian universities that are part of the consortium of the MASTIS project. Among the Ukrainian participants were representatives of the NTU “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Vinnytsia National Technical University, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Kherson State University. The European consortium was represented by professors Jean Hugues CHAUCHAT, Project Coordinator from the University of Lumière Lyon 2 (France), Tommaso FEDERICI from the University of LUISS Guido Carli (Italy), Jens BRUNK from the Wilhelm Westphalian University (Münster, Germany), Borut WERBER from University of Maribor, Slovenia, Eli HUSTAD from Agder University, Kristiansan, Norway.

The seminar was conducted on the basis of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science. Organizers of the seminar are the Department of Computer-Aided Management And Data Processing Systems. The vice rector on scientific and pedagogical work (international relations), doctor, professor, correspondent member, honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine SydorenkoSerhiiIvanovych made a salutatory speech. He conveyed congratulations to the participants of the international seminar from MykhailoZakharovychZghurovskyi, rector of the KPI to them. Igor Sikorsky Sydorenko S.I. noted the importance of the MASTIS project for higher education in Ukraine and wished participants the success in the work of the seminar. From the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science, the deputy dean oneducationalwork LisovychenkoO.I. spoke with a welcoming speech emphasizing the unique opportunity for specialists from different cities of Ukraine and abroad to come together and discuss valuable recommendations for improving the quality of the results achieved and the perspectives of developing ideasof the MASTIS project.

Thanks to the MASTIS project supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program, Ukraine received the Master’s degree program in Information Systems of the European level, which is harmonized with the requirements of the IT industry in Ukraine and the European requirements for IT professions. The content of the educational program for the master of information systems training in the MASTIS project is implemented in the following academic disciplines:

  • Information Systems Development and Deployment;
  • Information Technology Infrastructure;
  • Management of Information Systems Projects.
  • Innovations and Entrepreneurship;
  • Enterprise Architecture Management;
  • Information System Strategy;
  • DB and Data Warehousing;
  • Information System Security;


The agenda of the international workshop on the MASTIS project included the presentations of a project team from the Igor SikorskyKPI, who reported on pilot reading and teaching methods during the teaching of the disciplines of the educational program based on the MASTIS project. Presenters showed content of disciplines in their presentations, presented methods of teaching, reported on the results of students’ achievement and their perception of materials of disciplines and methods of teaching, demonstrated the results of the survey of students who studied the disciplines of the MASTIS project.

The pilot teaching of the discipline “Management of Information Systems Projects” was presented by deputy dean of educational and organizational work, associate professor M.O.Sperkach. In her presentation she showed the technology of conducting business games on the methods of Scrum and Kanban project management.

A presentation on the pilot course “Enterprise Architecture Management”, was presented by the Project Coordinator at theIgor SikorskyKPI, associate professorT.V.Kovalyuk, demonstrated the goals, learning outcomes, competencies that students received. Non-standard approaches to teaching discipline in the form of case studies, business games, hackathons, discussion seminars, team presentations on questions that were put forward on independent work, quizzes, solving of crossword puzzles were proposed for activating motivation of students.

Presentation of the course “Big Data and Data Warehouses” presented by senior lecturer Oliinyk Y.O. showed the modernity and importance of such discipline for masters in information systems. The main tools for analyzing big data and their application area are considered.

A lively discussion was triggered by the presentation of the course “Information Systems Development and Deployment,” by Professor V.M.Tomashevskyi. The lecturer has shown how traditional technologies and techniques can be used to solve non-standard tasks for the development and implementation of IS.

The content of the discipline “Information System Strategy” and teaching methods was demonstrated by the senior lecturer T.O.Tielysheva. Her presentation showed the complexity and all the versatility of this discipline, especially the need to have an analysis of business processes, orientation in the technology of information systems management, to have awareness of conducting an IS audit and raised many other issues.

The seminar was attended by students of the master’s leveltraining who studied the disciplines that were piloted. The students demonstrated presentations that showed their impressions of the studied disciplines, the value and influence of these disciplines on the development of their knowledge, skills and careers, their activity during the educational process, their perception of new teaching methods. The working language of the seminar was English. Participants in the seminar from Ukrainian and foreign universities were impressed by the high quality of English language proficiency and their creativity. Students have demonstrated their startups, have implemented a Skype session with student G. Shekhet, who under the program of academic mobility passes internship at IT company in San Francisco (USA).

The program of the seminar was provided with a meeting with representatives of IT companies, who the department of CAMDPSinteracts in the process of professional and practical training of students. On the questions of the professional orientation of students in the profiles of IT professions, employment and professional development, came solution manager A. Mikhailuk (IT company DataArt).

Disciplines included in the educational program of the MASTIS project and implemented in the Igor SikorskyKPI have their reproduction in the master’s thesis. With the report on the content and structure of the master’s dissertation on information systems, assistant professor O.G. Zhdanovaspoke.

The expansion of the opportunities for the implementation of the master’s program in information systems was demonstrated by the deputy dean of FICSSperkach M.O. Issues of involvement of teachers from the IT industry, participation of students and teachers in international conferences and hackathons, real projects implementation were discussed.

The international workshop on the MASTIS project (KA2 “Development of Higher Education Capacity”) could not be completed without the involvement of the Head of the Academic Mobility Department O.V. Lubyanova. Information on the implementation of the programs of academic mobility in the Igor SikorskyKPI was interestingfor foreign partners of the MASTIS project, who were invited to the Staff Training Week at the University.

As a summarycan be noted the highlight of the organization of the seminar, the content of the reports, the activity of teachers and the creativity of students, which was given by the coordinator of the project Jean Hugues CHAUCHAT and his colleagues from the universities of the European Union.

Project Manager of the MASTIS project in the Igor SikorskyKPI              T.V. Kovalyuk