Program Subject Area:  126 Information systems and technologies

Educational program: Information Management Systems and Technology

Specialists in Information Management Systems and Technology design information systems and technology for supporting managerial decisions in all spheres of human activity. Students owned modern paradigms and technology for business analysis, designing, creation, testing, quality assurance, maintenance, integration, operation and management of modern information systems and technology.

Training program

Mathematical and fundamental training

Students get the theoretical basis for designing of Information Management Systems and Technology in particular Systems Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Operations Research, Mathematical Models and Methods of Intelligent Systems, Decision Theory, Modern Control Theory.

Preparation for programming and development technology

• Programming
• Object-Oriented Programming
• WEB-oriented Software Development
• Mobile-oriented Software Development
• Designing and Analysis of Computational Algorithms
• Database Management Systems
• OLAP Technology, Data Spaces and Warehouses
• Big Data Technology
• Infrastructure of Information Technology
• Software Engineering
• Software Development Technology
• Designing of Information Systems
• Methodology and Technology for Building Information Systems
• Systems Theory and Systems Analysis
• IT projects Management
• Parallel and Distributed Computing
• Intelligent Data Mining
• Artificial Intelligence Methods and Systems

Programmed and technological training in computer engineering

• Computer Architecture
• Computer Networks
• Operating Systems
• Security of Information Systems

Program Subject Area:  121 Software Engineering

Educational program: Software Engineering of Computerized Systems

Students acquire modern methodology, tools for designing, developing and implementing of software of information management systems. Professional activity of graduates is aimed at the development, designing, testing and management of program projects in the industry of development of information systems, custom programming and software outsourcing.

Training program

Mathematical and fundamental training

Students receive basic theoretical knowledge in mathematics, computer science and computing, necessary for the construction of high-quality innovative software for information systems of wide using.

Training in programming and development technology

• Programming Fundamentals
• Object-Oriented Programming
• Client Development Fundamentals
• Basics of Web Programming
• Multi-paradigm Programming
• Technology of Development of Software for Mobile Platforms
• Development of Gaming Applications
• Theory of Algorithms
• Databases
• OLAP and Data Warehouses
• Big Data Technology
• Components of Software Engineering
• Modern Software Development Technology
• Technology for Parallel and Distributed Сomputing
• Cloud and Grid Technology
• Theory and Methods of Machine Learning
• Programming of Artificial Intelligence Systems
• Software Projects Management

Program-technological training in computer engineering

• Computer Architecture
• Organization of Computer Networks
• Operating Systems
• Applications and Data Security

Benefits of studying at our department

Graduates of the department ASOIU work in the world-famous companies:

Master’s training

Masters of the department have the opportunity to complete a full course of study at branch of the department in the V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The training is provided by leading Ukrainian scientists in the field of computer science.

Double diploma

At the department double diploma program is acting together with the leading universities of the world, namely Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), the Universite de le’Mans (France).

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