1)      17/05/2017. Discussion of the problems of IT education with the IT Association of Ukraine. The issues of cross-cutting-IT training are considered: from school to -Master.The student enrollment plan for the first year In IT specialties are discussed. Kovaliuk T presented the results of work on the MASTIS project to the participants of the meeting.




2)     28/09/2017/  Meeting of STEM education participants in the IT company GlobalLogic. The issues of training IT specialists were considered at the meeting. Kovaliuk Tetiana disseminated information about the MASTIS project and the direction of the development of master's training in the field of Information Systems




3)      19/06/2017. Defense of master's degrees thesis by the masters of the Automated Systems of Information Processing and Management Department. Associate Professor Tetiana Kovaliuk is the head of the master's degree thesis. The thesis theme is "Modeling and information and technological support of individual educational trajectories". The master's degrees thesis uses materials from the MASTIS project. The graduate students, the head of the master's degrees thesis Kovaliuk T. and a member of the examination committee Valentyn Tomashevskyi are in the photo.